Gus’s Drug began in November 1955 when Gus and Bess Steeken moved from Taylor, TX and purchased Cunningham Drug. Together they built a drug store known for its customer service and delicious snack bar — Gus’s Drug became a gathering place for the local residents.

In 1967, Gene Jacob, R. Ph, joined Gus and Bess at Gus’s Drug. Between 1972 and 1975, Gus and Gene established Centex Pharmacies Corporation which paved the way for more than nine stores throughout Central Texas including Gus’s Drug on University Avenue in Georgetown, Texas. They also welcomed Jack Adkins, R. Ph, as a third partner to Corporation as the business continued to grow.

In 1972, Gus’s Drug moved one block east to its current day location at 702 East University. Due to the location change Gus’s Drug lost the beloved snack bar, but the increased floor space enabled the pharmacy to expand the inventory to meet the needs of the growing population of Georgetown.

In the spring of 2014, Mark and Amanda Bradley were thrilled to find an opportunity to build upon a legacy that has been established over the past 50 years; after tying loose ends at their jobs in the DFW area, they took over in May and look forward to serving the Georgetown community with the best possible customer service.

Our Amazing Team

Mark & Amanda Bradley

Mark and Amanda moved to Georgetown in May of 2014 to oversee the operations of Centex Pharmacies. Inc. Centex Pharmacies is the holdings company that oversees the daily operations of Westside Pharmacy in Temple, Texas and Gus’s Drug in Georgetown, Texas. They moved from the Dallas/Fort Worth area where they worked for a large Real Estate firm that specialized in Community Management. Mark graduated from the University of North Texas with a Business Real Estate Degree and Amanda graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business Marketing Degree. They enjoy spending most of their time raising their three young children.


Steve Delao

Steve joined Gus’s Drug in May 2014 as the Pharmacist in Charge. He earned his bachelor degree in chemistry and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Texas at Austin following his service in the Navy.
Steve is the proud father of his two children and enjoys watching his son play baseball on the weekends.


Gene Jacob

Gene has been an employee of Gus’s Drug since 1967 and will celebrate his 50th year anniversary with the company in 2015. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and brings more than 45 years of independent pharmacy experience to Gus’s Drug.
Gene is married and is proud of his two grown children and six grandchildren.