Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s world of ever increasing prescription copays, Gus’s Drug has the solution for you!

With our extended day cash plan, you can get a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months supply of many generic medications for $20, $37, $55 or $70.

The more you buy, the more you save!

Q: How do I get my refills? >

A: Easy! There are a few ways to request refills:

  • You can submit refill requests on our website by clicking the ‘Refill’ button and setting up an account.
  • Download our FREE mobile app by texting RXLOCAL to 64890 and submit refills 24/7.
  • Sign up for automatic refills with our MedSync program and refills will automatically be filled when they are due.
  • You can call our pharmacy at 512-863-2506 during business hours and request refills

Q: How can I transfer my generic prescriptions into your extended day cash plan? >

A: Easy! There are a number of ways:

    • Just call us at 512-863-2506 and give us your Rx number, pharmacy name and phone number along with your address and we’ll do the rest! OR…
    • Have your doctor’s office call in new prescriptions for your medications. OR…
    • Complete the online New Patient or Transfer form right on our website!